New(ish) on DVD and Blu-Ray: Hell Baby (Movie Review)

In this Horror-Farce brought to you by the creators of Reno 911, ridiculous and crude humor runs rampant.

hell-baby1A couple has just moved into a run down house located in the projects of New Orleans, when they suddenly realize their house is inhabited by a creepy squatter (Keegan-Michael Key), an insane old woman and demonic spirits. The pregnant wife (Leslie Bibb) starts to act in strange homicidal ways, while the husband (Rob Corddry) tries to make sense of all the strange occurrences that have taken place. As the story unfolds, the couple find themselves entangled with a couple of action-hero priests from the Vatican (Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant) a pair of nonsensical cops (Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer) and the wife’s hippie sister (Riki Lindhome). Together, this band of unlikely heroes will have to face the birth of true evil.


hell-baby-movie-poster-171This movie was consistently ridiculous throughout and relatively enjoyable to watch. While the jokes were often juvenile, the absurdity of the story compliments the slap-stick style of comedy that Hell Baby reaches for. This is not a comedy that is meant to make you think. Things happen, often just for the sake of happening. If you’re able to just roll with the punches and be entertained by people making fools of themselves, you will enjoy this movie. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, look elsewhere. Oh and Key kills it in this movie. He, and Lennon (Dangle from Reno 911) are hands down the reasons why I even remotely enjoyed this movie.

hqdefault1If anything I’ve just described to you sounds interesting or you’d like to know a little more, here’s a clip! View Hell Baby Clip Here

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