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If you’ve ever tuned into WMEB on Thursday during your morning commute you’ve likely enjoyed the soothing sounds of old school soul and R&B from the 50’s and 60’s. The man you have to thank for enriching your drive-time experience is Bud Walkup, who has been hosting the Bud Show from 7am to 9am on Thursdays for the last eight years. On his show, you’ll hear some of the most beloved hits from classic labels like Stax and Motown, and also some forgotten rarities and hidden gems of the era.

Bud has been a passionate fan of soul music since his college days. As he explains it: “(In) 1965 during a college visit to Temple University in Philadelphia… I heard Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops and have been hooked on Soul ever since.” But despite his love for the joyful, life-affirming music of the Motown scene (indeed it’s hard to think of a song more upbeat than “Can’t Help Myself”), Bud’s true musical inclinations lie in the realm of the plaintive ballad. Above all, he enjoys the deep soul music that came out of the American South. The song that plays during his radio promo- Otis Redding’s “Cigarettes and Coffee”- is a perfect example of this. “When asked my favorite type of music,” he explains, “my answer is always the same – mournful. I love sad songs. It’s the Irish in me.”

Though you’ll mainly hear 50’s and 60’s soul on his show, Bud himself has an eclectic taste in music. Before he moved to Maine eight years ago, Bud played radio shows at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and Denison University in Ohio that focused on other genres. “Deep Soul ballads remain the music I most enjoy,” Bud explains, “but I also listen to just about anything except opera and head-bangin’ death metal. I just haven’t been able to get into either of those. At home, jazz is what I most listen to.”

Bud’s taste in other radio programs also reflects his eclectic taste. His favorite program is WMEB’s own alternative rock show, Architecture in Sound, which airs on Sunday mornings and is hosted by Dan Schwartz (Look for Dan in a future edition of our program spotlight). Bud also recommends Rich Tozier’s jazz program on MPBN and the online show The Brown Underground on Live 365. Like the Bud Show, Brown Underground also plays obscure soul music from the past. If you dig The Bud Show, be sure to check out these shows.

Tune into the Bud Show from 7am to 9am on Thursdays on 91.9fm or here on our online stream.