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How has Technology changed Sports Video Games

Video games have exploded in popularity with the integration of the internet. Sports video games give many fans the opportunity to play as their team and win championships with the Cleveland Browns, (sorry Browns fans). One of the biggest developments that have helped the progression of video games in the 21st century is the integration of the internet. You can play with your friend that lives in the same town at a game of Madden football. Or you can play a gamer in England and show them who has the best skills in the world. But it hasn’t only improved gaming quality, but also your virtual experience. Many gaming consoles have created virtual stores that you can buy downloadable content from other video games or new roster updates. Every time I fire up Madden 25 it automatically updates week-to-week updating rosters with no effort at all.

xboxandps4v11One of the best features is being able to play your friends from your home town or from around the world. I love having the ability to connect with someone from half-way across the globe and play them in real-time is amazing. It has opened up the door for ultimate world competition as you can see how your skills rate with some of the best players in the world. Becky Cunningham a contributing writer for shared her opinion about how popular online multi-player games have become, “Some gamers now refuse to buy games that don’t have an online multi-player component.”

Downloadable content has become very popular in the gaming industry, especially in sports video games. Every week there seems to be a trade or a new signing by your favorite team and it is tough to keep track of this. Game developers release weekly roster updates so that you can keep up with your team in real-time and not feel a step behind. For me this is a great feature and one less step I have to do. I don’t have to take the team to research who was involved in the trade and put the player on that team. When I start-up the game it automatically downloads the new roster and I can play right away.

Another cool thing that developers have started doing for college football games is during the season some teams like to get new jerseys every game like the Oregon Ducks. If you see your team is wearing a special jersey for this week’s game, game developers have put these in downloadable content areas for a cheap price of $2.99 and you can wear your teams’ jerseys in the game.

With the use of the internet it is only going to improve as we move along. Now you are given the ability to show your skills off to the world with the share button on the Playstation 4. Hit share and you can broadcast your game in real-time to thousands of viewers, or you can post your video to Facebook and all of your friends can see how you juked out your brother in Madden 25.