• Parker Nye the Music Guy
    Mondays 5pm-7
    Parker Nye
    My show is a compilation of music that I find through the weeks late at night. ranging from the softest sad songs to the loudest loud licks, there's something for everyone :)
  • The Decadent Herald
    Tuesdays 10am-12pm
    Clinton Spaulding
    My show focuses on new music mostly in the indie, low-fi, garage-y veins.
  • Dope Drags
    Tuesdays 10pm-12am
    DJ Doctor Ders
    This creature, DJ Doctor Ders, shall encrypt messages on the projected waves of sound; transpiring only during the mantle of space and time you have bestowed upon me, Tuesdays 10pm to 12am; that will range from the smooth jazz, rough jazz and tingly jazz, to the hip hop, shoulder sit and foot stomp. As well as any encryption of air waves in between.
  • The Bud Show
    Thursdays 7am-9
    '60s Soul music.
  • Natural Television
    Thursdays 5pm-6
    DJ Lincoln
  • The Blues Bus
    Thursdays 6pm-9
    The Blues Bus has aired on WMEB since 1991. The focus of the Blues Bus is on what is happening in the world of Blues today. New and recent releases are featured while the musical scope is inclusive, featuring all manner of performers and styles with a relationship to the blues.
  • Friday Night Frenzy
    Fridays 7pm-9
    My show is a bunch of indie stuff and anything else that seems cool and weird. Idk.
  • Architcture in Sound
    Sundays 10am-1pm
    Helping you discover new music alongside a great blend of classic songs. http://architectureinsound.com
  • The Floyd Hole
    Sundays 3pm-5
    Kale & Scott
    We plan to use album-oriented prog to provide the listener with a good overview of the changes and progression of prog throughout the years since it began. I believe we plan to start with the Beatles' Sgt. Peppers as it is arguably the first concept album, an artistic staple which soon became synonymous with prog. from there we will delve into many bands of that era including Pink Floyd (obviously), ELP, King Crimson, as well as Jethro Tull, the Moody Blues, and many many others. We will generally progress chronologically working our way towards modern prog bands as well as potentially briefly introducing prog metal and proto prog towards the end of the semester.