• The 4 Horsemen
    Mondays 7am-9
    Heavy Metal... thrash, death, hardcore punk, classic, sludge, groove etc.
  • West of the Fields
    Mondays 9am-12pm
    New and classic alternative, indie rock and electronic music since 1998! http://westofthefields.bangordailynews.com
  • Immigrant Songs
    Mondays 12pm-2
    An Immigrant
    If there were no immigrants, there’d be no United States. Some politicians would have us believe that immigration needs to be curtailed to protect the American way of life—a dangerous lie. We are all immigrants, whether we walked here, sailed here, or flew here. The US has a wealth of culture and music to take inspiration from thanks to its long history of immigration. Music is part of our shared experience in the United States and allows us to instantly empathize with people of different backgrounds. Immigrant Songs will play music that reflects the diversity of this country and will feature artists from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and genders. Immigrant Songs will let listeners hear music that they would not normally encounter and every show will be different. Immigrant Songs is not a variety show; Immigrant Songs is a diversity show. Each week will have a different theme, but the message will always be the same: Embrace diversity and tune into the experiences of different cultures. This is the American Experience.
  • Parker Nye the Music Guy
    Mondays 5pm-7
    Parker Nye
    My show is a compilation of music that I find through the weeks late at night. ranging from the softest sad songs to the loudest loud licks, there's something for everyone :)
  • Gone to Seed
    Mondays 7pm-9
    Gone to Seed is mostly indie rock and indie pop, with the occasional folk song thrown into the mix.
  • Bob's Party Time Lounge
    Mondays 9pm-11
    Lounge Act Bob
    It's A Different Kinda Party!
  • It's A Different Kinda Party!
    Mondays 11pm-1am
    Colin T
    MultiSyllabic Acrobatics, or MSA, is a late night garnering of groovy gripping cuts curated to push the limits of the hip hop & R&B spectrum. Mondays @ 11pm Tune into 91.9 FM wmeb ~ or ~ Stream here: http://wmeb-stream.maine.edu:8000/wmeb Edit Check out my Facebook page!
  • The Decadent Herald
    Tuesdays 10am-12pm
    Clinton Spaulding
    My show focuses on new music mostly in the indie, low-fi, garage-y veins.
  • Orono Pirate Radio
    Tuesdays 4pm-6
    DJ Steve Bannon
    Orono Pirate Radio is a show all about grindcore, Japanese harsh noise, and National Socialist black metal, but that's not all! Every other week, my cohost, DJ Tomi Lahren and I will be joined by noted alt right media personality Gabe "The Wrecking Ball" Blanchard, whose views on central banking and European immigration policy are known to riders of the Community Connector throughout the Bangor area.
  • Candlelit Dinners
    Tuesdays 6pm-8
    z∆¢h and Nick
  • Laila's Licks
    Tuesdays 8pm-10
    Every Tuesday night from 8pm - 10pm, tune into Laila’s Licks to hear some relaxing music to do homework or fall asleep to. I play soft (indie) rock, indie folk, and maybe a little soul from time to time :)
  • Dope Drags
    Tuesdays 10pm-12am
    DJ Doctor Ders
    This creature, DJ Doctor Ders, shall encrypt messages on the projected waves of sound; transpiring only during the mantle of space and time you have bestowed upon me, Tuesdays 10pm to 12am; that will range from the smooth jazz, rough jazz and tingly jazz, to the hip hop, shoulder sit and foot stomp. As well as any encryption of air waves in between.
  • Stay Woke
    Wednesdays 12am-2
    DJ B. Cooper
    OBEY Stay Woke CONSUME OBEY separates SLEEP MARRY AND FORNCATE the people SLEEP from SLEEP OBEY the sheeple. SLEEP CONSUME Learn OBEY OBEY what MONEY IS YOUR GOD really SLEEP goes SLEEP SLEEP on OBEY in this CONSUME world MARRY via AND broadcasts FORNCATE from SLEEP me, SLEEP OBEY DJ. B. Cooper SLEEP CONSUME OBEY live OBEY from my OBEY island CONSUME fortress. OBEY
  • Jammin' with Jude
    Wednesdays 8am-10
    Guests each week making collaborative playlists and talking about music.
  • Niche Lorraine
    Wednesdays 12pm-2
    My show is going to focus on what I guess I would say is 'transcendental music'. That's not to say that I'll be playing New Age or crazy psychedelic music, although I may, but to say that the music on my show will be music that can envelop the listener and put them into something like a trance. So, for me, this kind of music can be anything from what I'd call pop music to longer form, instrumental and/or electronic music. All of that is just to kind of give you an idea of kind of what I'm focusing on in all the different music I play, since every week I'll be doing a theme, whether that's a genre, a feeling, or something else.
  • Punk 'N' Shark
    Wednesdays 2pm-4
    Megan Amico
    I'm an aspiring marine biologist who adores punk/emo/alternative music & I figure sharks are the most punk marine animals ever - so, my two loves collided to form punk n shark. I play all aspects of punk & emo music, alternative rock-ish stuff, and occasional acoustic tunes by the punk artists themselves. I'm always hearing about new bands and love getting suggestions that would fit in with my show. The goal is to play songs that are fun to jam to & belt out the lyrics to or be blissfully encompassed by an incredible instrumental part. Check out my co-host Ashleigh Fay that has 2 more hours of Punk 'n Shark for you on Sundays from 1pm-3pm
  • Everything is Fine
    Wednesdays 4pm-6
    DJ PerBear
    Sometimes it's nice to sit down to some indie jams and remind yourself that everything is a-okay.
  • Two X Chromosomes
    Wednesdays 6pm-8
    Exclusively female, LGBT, and non-conforming artists. Each week will likely be a collection of a few different genres, ranging from hip hop and soul one week, to punk another, and anything else that's fun!
  • Look Out Below
    Wednesdays 8pm-10
    ...loud, fun, and unusual music.
  • The Bud Show
    Thursdays 7am-9
    '60s Soul music.
  • rë-nooo ~ with ~ re-née
    Thursdays 9am-11
    Bon-jour! Je m'appelle Renée ~ The sounds emitted from this here radio show further high-light the over-flowing brim of a mind of a being I call myself. Hyperactive in change and anxious in my state of being, I welcome all ears - small, large-lobed, pierced, and/or sagging - to experience a renewal in state of mind. I play anything that sparks a curl to unfurl in my noggin to slowly roll between where my third eye lies and down into my heart to simmer. Music's energies feed my brain and hydrate my heart. Here I hope that every new listen may give all of y'all's souls new life and all of y'all'z lives a bit of what it's like to be renée. Bonne journée! ~
  • Natural Television
    Thursdays 5pm-6
    DJ Lincoln
  • The Blues Bus
    Thursdays 6pm-9
    The Blues Bus has aired on WMEB since 1991. The focus of the Blues Bus is on what is happening in the world of Blues today. New and recent releases are featured while the musical scope is inclusive, featuring all manner of performers and styles with a relationship to the blues.
  • Groove Revival
    Thursdays 9pm-11
    J.A. Bravo
  • The Friday Morning Show
    Fridays 8am-9
    Chris Walters
    Join me every Friday morning as I interview a new guest and catch you up on some of the current events from the past week. You'll also hear some sweet end-of-the-week jams to kick off your weekend right!
  • Thank You, Mr. Devil!
    Fridays 9am-11
    Davey Halfbeard
    Indie-folk & folk-punk music and commentary revolving around individuals with unique stories to tell
  • Crumpets and Tea (with Me)
    Fridays 11am-1pm
    Alternative indie, electronic, and overall chill vibes
  • Sunny Side Up
    Fridays 1pm-3
    The Sunbear
    Sunny Side Up explores music with influences from the funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop genres, with artists ranging from Sun Ra to Q-Tip. I hope to keep listeners engaged with head bobbing beats and feel-good jams that will make the post-lunch commute entertaining and fun.
  • Cord Shorts
    Fridays 5pm-7
    Jack Fonchezzz
    Cord shorts- corduroy pants cut off just above the knees. Short chords- quick staccato notes played together in harmony like in punk music. But more than just punk, you'll find punktronica, electronica, electro funk, your dad's favorite prog rock bands, celtic jigs, vaudeville jazz, music you've heard before, and music you otherwise never would have heard in your life.
  • Friday Night Frenzy
    Fridays 7pm-9
    My show is a bunch of indie stuff and anything else that seems cool and weird. Idk.
  • Planetarium
    Fridays 9pm-11
    There is no air in space, only the most obscure and spaciest of forgotten prog rock, jazz fusion, and all manner of psychedelic and experimental oddities that bridge the Earth and the cosmos!
  • The Mystery Hour
    Fridays 11pm-1am
    Roy Michaels
    The Mystery Hour is a tongue-in-cheek late night paranormal talk show that delves into a variety of paranormal topics including aliens, ghosts, urban legends, cryptozoological creatures, strange folklore, conspiracy theories and more. Topics are explored through storytelling, interview and discussion. Topics pertaining to New England and Maine are given special attention. Ultimately, the aim of the Mystery Hour is to cultivate an interesting, funny, slightly spooky program that encourages listeners to stay up late with their radios.
  • Caribe Hits
    Saturdays 3pm-5
    My show includes latin style music from Puerto Rico, covering salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and puertorican trap among others.
  • Saturday Night Jive
    Saturdays 5pm-7
    Laila Fatimi and BONKEYDRAINS
    You know That show
  • Yo Wassup, It's Mack Daddy!
    Saturdays 7pm-9
    Mack Daddy
    On this show I play some funk, some electronic, and some hip-hop. I also throw in some soul and rnb too, if it feels appropriate. Tune in to hear interesting beats and tight groves.
  • The Cornwallis Effect
    Saturdays 9pm-11
    Lord Baltimore
    I will mainly be playing rock and roll, featuring indie rock from the 80’s up to present time, and deeper classic rock cuts that you wouldn’t hear on your local classic rock radio station, and some jazz, fusion, and RnB thrown in there as well. I am also interested in promoting local music, and getting people to come out to shows that are in the area.
  • What The Folk?!
    Sundays 9am-10
    Modern folk with a sprinkling of classics in the morning
  • Architcture in Sound
    Sundays 10am-1pm
    Helping you discover new music alongside a great blend of classic songs. http://architectureinsound.com
  • Punk 'N' Shark
    Sundays 1pm-3
    Punk 'N' Shark will feature pop punk, punk rock, alternative and the occasional indie tune while also talking about the bands featured.
  • The Floyd Hole
    Sundays 3pm-5
    Kale & Scott
    We plan to use album-oriented prog to provide the listener with a good overview of the changes and progression of prog throughout the years since it began. I believe we plan to start with the Beatles' Sgt. Peppers as it is arguably the first concept album, an artistic staple which soon became synonymous with prog. from there we will delve into many bands of that era including Pink Floyd (obviously), ELP, King Crimson, as well as Jethro Tull, the Moody Blues, and many many others. We will generally progress chronologically working our way towards modern prog bands as well as potentially briefly introducing prog metal and proto prog towards the end of the semester.
  • Jazz Hands!
    Sundays 5pm-7
    Ben Nason
    Playing all forms of jazz, from Davis to Trombone Shorty.
  • Intercom FM
    Sundays 7pm-9
    DJ Price Checker
    Intercom FM is a collection of mallsoft, muzak, soft instrumental jazz, and other types of elevator music.